The CW3000 Winch is designed to pull Telecommunication cable as well as general cable and sub duct. The unit operates the tried and trusted method of a single capstan drive system which is now synonymous with the Telecommunications industry, the capstan is driven by a fixed displacement hydraulic motor. The case alloy capstan is fully guarded and is fitted with a limit switch as standard which is activated and stops the capstan rotating as soon as the guard door is opened. Situated directly under the capstan is a swivelling diverter pulley to enable horizontal pulls to be made.

Technical Specification
Line Tension: 3000Kgs Maximum.
Line Speed: 0-12mtrs/min variable @ 3000Kgs
0-30mtrs/min variable @ 1000Kgs
Engine: 15.5Hp Water Cooled Diesel Engine
Controls: Electrically operated directional controls.

Safety Emergency Stop buttons and limit switch to the rear guard.
The winch is supplied as standard with the GRP Canopy.
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