Conduit Rod LCR14
High quality glass fibre reinforced helically wound epoxy rod giving good adhesion properties for the outer polyethylene coating. This construction gives excellent bending elasticity which makes it ideal for short to long installations into ducts. It is an ideal and fast way of installing draw ropes and winch ropes into ducts, ready for cable pulling operations.

Supplied on a galvanised steel frame, complete with two wheels to the rear for easy handling. Zinc Plate Finish
Rod comes complete with guide tips. A full range of accessories are also available, please see Conduit Rod Accessories for more details.

LCR14/150R 14mm Dia x 150mtr Rod on Reel Weight: 65Kgs
LCR14/200R 14mm Dia x 200mtr Rod on Reel Weight: 77Kgs
LCR14/250R 14mm Dia x 250mtr Rod on Reel Weight: 87Kgs
LCR14/300R 14mm Dia x 300mtr Rod on Reel Weight: 99Kgs
LCR14/350R 14mm Dia x 350mtr Rod on Reel Weight: 111Kgs
LCR14/400R 14mm Dia x 400mtr Rod on Reel Weight: 123Kgs
LCR14/450R 14mm Dia x 450mtr Rod on Reel Weight: 135Kgs
LCR14/500R 14mm Dia x 500mtr Rod on Reel Weight: 147Kgs

Also available as Rod Only spare rod refill
Non Standard Lengths available upon request.
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