Cable Pulling Winches – Power Cables

A range of Trailer mounted Cable Pulling Winches require for the installation of Power Cables where high pulling tensions are required.  All of the units are designed with the operator in mind.  Simple in operation and robustly engineered, these units are fitted with heavy duty diesel engines powering hydraulic transmission for smooth controlled pulling, and are fitted with a console mounted line tension indicator so that at all times the operator has a visual display of the pulling force applied.  All of the Winches can be quickly pre-set so they do not exceed the required pulling tension.

Cable Pulling Winches – Telecommunications

Designed to keep up with the fast moving telecommunications industry these Winches were developed to meet the requirements for both the installation of delicate Fibre Cables where low pulling tensions are necessary and also for the more heavier Copper Cables.  Other installation applications are coaxial cable, sub duct and even in certain conditions H.V Cables.

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