Cable Rollers

With the current methods of Cable Laying becoming more sophisticated and less labour intensive, it has become easy to forget about some of the more simplistic ancillary items.

Cable Rollers, whether they are for Trench Application or Duct Application, play a vitally important part in ensuring the cable is not only installed efficiently but that it is not damaged while being pulled through the trench.

Trench Rollers

We have various different options within this category.  Our standard straight line rollers will handle cables up to 125mm in diameter although larger sizes are available upon request.  When using any straight line roller we advise to space them in the trench at 2 – 2.5mtr intervals where the cable drum is up to 10 tonnes in weight and at 1.5 – 2mtr intervals for drums greater than 10 tonnes.

We have different options such as corner rollers to suit all budgets and project requirements, all of these options will work with the straight line rollers.

Duct Rollers and Guides For The Duct

Although Rollers and guides aren’t needed when the cable is in the duct, they are needed for taking the cable from the top of the manhole into the duct mouth.

Overall there are many different options available to suit different applications wheather it be standard or special requirement, so please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further information.

Important Note

Do not leave lead sheathed cable on cable rollers over night as the cable will sagg between rollers.  This can potentially cause damage to the cable.

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