LCR6 Conduit Rod

High quality glass fibre reinforced helically wound epoxy rod giving good adhesion properties for the outer polyethylene coating. This construction gives excellent bending elasticity and is an ideal and fast way of installing draw ropes, winch ropes and lightweight cables into ducts, ready for cable pulling operations.

Supplied on a free standing frame for easy handling, size 52cms x 26cms x 57cms

Rod comes complete with end connectors and guide tip

Zinc Plate finish

Also available as Rod Only spare rod refill

Non Standard Lengths available upon request.

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Technical Specification

6mm Dia x 60mtr Rod on Reel Weight: 10Kgs
6mm Dia x 80mtr Rod on Reel Weight: 11Kgs
6mm Dia x 100mtr Rod on Reel Weight: 12Kgs
6mm Dia x 120mtr Rod on Reel Weight: 12Kgs
6mm Dia x 150mtr Rod on Reel Weight: 13Kgs

Please note!

A full range of accessories are also available, please see Conduit Rod Accessories for more details.

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